Design of The Prestressed Concrete Bridge Structure on The Leuwigajah Bridge

Mohamad Aldi Ramdani, Nabila Puteri Widiya, Ambar Susanto, Yackob Astor
2020 Proceedings of the International Seminar of Science and Applied Technology (ISSAT 2020)   unpublished
The increasing volume of vehicles that passing on Mahar Martanegara Street has caused traffic jams at the Leuwigajah Bridge, Cimahi. Because it is not balanced with adequate road conditions and bridge characteristics (bottleneck). The solution from the West Java Provincial Government to overcome this problem is by building a new bridge adjacent to the existing bridge at the Purbaleunyi Toll Road crossing. The first steps of bridge design by mapping the existing bridge first using Infraworks
more » ... ware to produce a 3D visualization of the existing bridge. Then the design of the bridge structure using a prestressed concrete type PCI-Girder beam with a simple beam system. The results of the bridge structure design were visualized by 3D modeling in the existing conditions. The data used for the bridge design is the result of a location survey and technical data for the existing bridge which is used as a reference and comparison. The load and structure calculations on the bridge refer to SNI 1725: 2016 and RSNI T-12-2004 using Midas Civil software. The output is technical data of each structural component such as dimensions and reinforcement used, the type of prestressed beam used is PCI-Girder H210, the number of tendons, and the number of strands on the PCI-Girder, also 3D modeling at the Leuwigajah Bridge, Cimahi as visualization 3D of the bridge.
doi:10.2991/aer.k.201221.026 fatcat:nxxyykoa4zhthggo3dbnxulfne