Optimizing Access Cost for Top-k Queries over Web Sources: A Unified Cost-Based Approach

Seung-won Hwang, K.C.-C. Chang
21st International Conference on Data Engineering (ICDE'05)  
We study the problem of supporting ranked queries in middleware environments, where queries are evaluated over multiple sources. In particular, we study Web middleware scenarios, querying over various Web sources. To motivate, consider a Web "travel agent" scenario for finding restaurants and hotels, as Examples 1 and 2 illustrate. (We use this real scenario as "benchmark" queries for experiments as well.) In particular, how to access sources with different capabilities and costs, to answer
more » ... ies efficiently? As our Web middleware coordinates various sources, each source access will incur network communication and server computation. This paper aims at optimizing such access costswhich dominate the overall query processing (like I/O in relational DBMS). Example 1: To find top-restaurants (say, in the Chicago area) that are highly-rated and close to "myaddr," a user may
doi:10.1109/icde.2005.102 dblp:conf/icde/HwangC05 fatcat:hhdctxmttzew3ajqrpxm4iczqq