GaAs MOSFET Using InAlP Native Oxide as Gate Dielectric

X. Li, Y. Cao, D.C. Hall, P. Fay, B. Han, A. Wibowo, N. Pan
2004 IEEE Electron Device Letters  
GaAs metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors (MOSFETs) using wet thermally oxidized InAlP as the gate insulator are reported for the first time. Leakage current measurements show that the 11-nm-thick native oxide grown from an In 0 49 Al 0 51 P layer lattice-matched to GaAs has good insulating properties, with a measured leakage current density of 1 39 10 7 mA m 2 at 1 V bias. GaAs MOSFETs with InAlP native gate oxide have been fabricated with gate lengths from 7 to 2 m. Devices with
more » ... o 2 m. Devices with 2-m-long gates exhibit a peak extrinsic transconductance of 24.2 mS/mm, an intrinsic transconductance of 63.8 mS/mm, a threshold voltage of 0.15 V, and an off-state gate-drain breakdown voltage of 21.2 V. Numerical Poisson's equation solutions provide close agreement with the measured sheet resistance and threshold voltage. Index Terms-GaAs MOSFET, InAlP native oxide, wet thermal oxidation.
doi:10.1109/led.2004.838555 fatcat:nmqu5vq73vb23onkcfdye7issm