Carbon Nanotubes on ITO/Silicon Substrate for Fabrication of Silicon Based Lithium Ion Battery

Seyed Hosseini, Seyed Ali, Safiabadi Tali, Zeinab Sanaee
Carbon nano tubes are currently used in many modern devices for the improvement they can cause in different applications due to their unique properties. Especially in Lithium ion batteries that are today's most common rechargeable batteries, CNTs have been utilized and offered certain advantages over commercial electrodes. Here we report utilizing carbon nanotubes grown on a silicon wafer with an ITO barrier layer, as the anode of a Lithium ion battery. CNTs with the average thickness of 90 nm
more » ... thickness of 90 nm and density of 14.5×10 8 cm-2 have been grown on the surface of the sample and used as the battery electrode. Fabrication of batteries on silicon wafer makes possible the integration of functional devices along with the power source on the same wafer, which is a considerable advantage. Surface of the sample remained intact after several charge and discharge processes, which is a very critical feature in lithium ion batteries based on silicon. High columbic efficiency of 98% and specific capacity of 0.08 mAh/cm 2 was achieved after 8 cycles for our structure.