Unified approach to pseudoscalar meson photoproductions off nucleons in the quark model

Zhenping Li, Hongxing Ye, Minghui Lu
1997 Physical Review C  
An unified approach to the pseudo scalar meson (π, η, and K) photoproduction off nucleons are presented. It begins with the low energy QCD Lagrangian, and the resonances in the s- and u- channels are treated in the framework of the quark model The duality hypothesis is imposed to limit the number of the t-channel exchanges. The CGLN amplitudes for each reaction are evaluated, which include both proton and neutron targets. The important role by the S-wave resonances in the second resonance
more » ... is discussed, it is particularly important for the K, η and η^' photoproductions.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.56.1099 fatcat:oli3papqxjbkvhrof5jgxwifpe