Explicit Fermi coordinates and tidal dynamics in de Sitter and Gödel spacetimes

C. Chicone, B. Mashhoon
2006 Physical Review D  
Fermi coordinates are directly constructed in de Sitter and Goedel spacetimes and the corresponding exact coordinate transformations are given explicitly. The quasi-inertial Fermi coordinates are then employed to discuss the dynamics of a free test particle in these spacetimes and the results are compared to the corresponding generalized Jacobi equations that contain only the lowest-order tidal terms. The domain of validity of the generalized Jacobi equation is thus examined in these cases.
more » ... in these cases. Furthermore, the difficulty of constructing explicit Fermi coordinates in black-hole spacetimes is demonstrated.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.74.064019 fatcat:idbqr2dxyfc73jglsjuxg4f2xe