A new reliable fluorescencein situhybridization method for identifying multiple specific cytogenetic abnormalities in acute myeloid leukemia

Ana Valencia, Jose Cervera, Esperanza Such, Mariam Ibañez, Eva Barragán, Oscar Fuster, Pascual Bolufer, Federico Moscardó, Miguel A. Sanz
2010 Leukemia and Lymphoma  
The usefulness of the new Chromoprobe Multiprobe AML Panel was evaluated in 80 patients with acute myeloid leukemia (AML) in parallel with conventional cytogenetics. We observed a high concordance using both methods, but the panel was very useful in the detection of an inv(16)(p13q22), a cryptic t(15;17)(q22;q21), and a cryptic deletion of the CBFb allele not detected with cytogenetics. Moreover, in six of nine patients (67%) without metaphases or with non-evaluable chromosomes, the panel
more » ... fied three MLL rearrangements, two monosomy 7, one of them also with del(5q), and one inv(16)(p13q22). Our results indicate that the multiprobe panel can be used as a complementary technique for detection of the most important chromosomal abnormalities in AML using small quantities of sample in only one hybridization experiment. It is also capable of reallocating cases without metaphases or with non-evaluable chromosomes in the appropriate cytogenetic risk group.
doi:10.3109/10428191003682775 pmid:20233056 fatcat:3oa5cod64jbuvmelfei2tryimq