Using Electronic Portfolio Repositories As A Student Resource For Mse Applications

Aaron Blicblau
2008 Annual Conference & Exposition Proceedings   unpublished
Aaron Blicblau graduated as materials engineer and worked in the manufacturing and steel industry for ten years. He then commenced lecturing at Swinburne University of Technology specialising in materials science and engineering to students ranging form first year to final year. . He has been involved in implementing novel teaching procedures to improve the learning aspects of students as well as his own teaching processes. Over the past few years he has adopted and implemented active learning
more » ... easures including problem based and project based learning. During 2007, he was awarded a Carrick Citation for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning ranging across first to final year engineering." Abstract In the majority of engineering disciplines, MSE provides resources and applications with many other areas of engineering, e.g., design, structures, mechanics, and manufacturing. For the students to transfer and implement their MSE knowledge, they must have easy access to all their information. The eportfolio is a repository of the student's entire academic MSE content and provides a wealth of knowledge applicable to all engineering disciplines. This repository combines not only lecture and textbook material, but also every assignment (in assessed format), all quizzes (with answers) laboratory activities (in audiovisual format), student oral presentations (podcast), and lectures in asynchronous format. This allows all of the data and information accumulated by students throughout their varying MSE course collected in one place, and is able to act as a quick resource and information kit for future use as the eportfolio is quickly accessed. Student and graduate responses have been positive especially for those in the workforce who require immediate and correct information.
doi:10.18260/1-2--3823 fatcat:exgpsvg5mfepdk5zi4my425dla