Soft corneal contact lens for postoperative comfort in patients with recurrent pterygium function

Mo-Li Zhang, Yun-Zhen Chen, Shu-Bo Du
2018 Guoji Yanke Zazhi  
AIM:To evaluate the effect of soft contact lens on the comfort of postoperative patients with recurrent pterygium. METHODS: For 100 eyes of 98 patients after recurrent pterygium excision, the conjunctival implant with limbal stem cells from the upper part of the cornea was used, and the scleral surface of the operation area was transferred and covered. Fifty eyes were treated with corneal bandage lens for 5d(Group A)and 50 eyes were conventionally ensheathed(Group B). The time of corneal wound
more » ... ealing and various symptoms and signs were observed after operation. RESULTS: Compared with Group B, 1d after pterygium, the symptoms and signs of corneal irritation in Group A were significantly less(P<0.05), and the corneal epithelial healing was significantly faster and better(P<0.05). CONCLUSION: The corneal contact lens can obviously improve the early postoperative corneal irritation in patients with pterygium, promote corneal wound healing and relieve postoperative discomfort.
doi:10.3980/j.issn.1672-5123.2018.11.38 doaj:278c8f86400744ca9fa67acc9c2e8d2a fatcat:xwcmuehfbraarpopj7m3xubn3a