Study on Coupled Medium effects of Complex Slotted Charge Blasting

Hua-gang Xie, Ling-li Wu, S.A. Hamouda, M. Mirzaei, Z. Yu
2016 MATEC Web of Conferences  
Based on the theory of complex slotted charge water, air coupling medium directional fracture controlled blasting analysis and simulation test of similar, draw the complex slotted charge water coupling charge directional fracture controlled blasting effect is better than that of the air coupling blasting; peak pressure than the air coupled charge under the conditions of quicker acting time, effect of higher value, longer duration; water coupling blasting conditions, unit speed peak value than
more » ... d peak value than air coupled charge under the conditions of higher. Introduction Due to the rapid development of human society, the development of space has been unable to meet the needs of social development, so in accordance with the west, nineteenth Century is a railway bridge of the century, twentieth Century is the century of high-rise buildings, and in twenty-first Century will be the development and utilization of underground space century. According to the situation of our country, urbanization process is accelerating, the western big development is ongoing, China may road and bridge, high-rise buildings and underground space development and utilization of the three go hand in hand with the situation [1]. However, with the implementation of the western development, highway, railway, mining, water conservancy and hydropower, buildings, airports and ports and other infrastructure construction projects will be more and more, the rock soil engineering construction method and means is facing unprecedented challenges, and geotechnical engineering as important Shi construction method of drilling and blasting method is facing unprecedented challenges, the growing demand for its higher and higher, especially decorative stone mining [2], tunnel excavation [3-6], civil air defense engineering [7-10], cutting slope [11-13], coal mine gas drainage [14-16] and other engineering. The amount of application of cutting seam cartridge blasting method, so we need to study it further. Analysis of the blasting research workers of blasting the application and mechanism of the composite type cutting seam cartridge of provides reliable basis. The complex slotted charge instantly in the explosion due to the interaction of PVC pipe before and after, and on different coupling medium blasting characteristics of different [17,18], making explosion energy flow distribution is getting more and more complex. Therefore, it is necessary to study it further. 2 Composite slit charge explosion cracking mechanism The complex slotted cartridge blasting crack mechanism of see the compound cutting seam cartridge cracking mechanism and numerical simulation experiment. The theory in the role of specific blasting parameters derived compound cutting seam cartridge than conventional cutting seam cartridge explosion in cutting seam direction of shear force more than twice as high as the [19]. That compound cutting seam cartridge in the slit direction of the cumulative effect of more high. In this paper, the numerical simulation method of further research in
doi:10.1051/matecconf/20166104007 fatcat:exvth26yrfdbbl5ocirii7kqwa