Analysis on User's Willingness to Pay for Value Measurement of Planned Infrastructure in the Settlement Zone - Around the District Unit Plan of the Settlement Zone in Cheongju-city -
취락지구의 계획기반시설 가치 측정을 위한 사용자 지불의사 분석 - 청주시 자연취락지구 지구단위계획을 중심으로 -

Ki-Bum Yun, Eui-Dong Hong, Hee-Yun Hawang
2013 Journal of Korean Society of Rural Planning  
The purpose of this study is to quantitatively analyze the corresponding residents' benefit to get in the future from the district unit plan of the settlement zone by Cheongju local government. The target districts were selected as Gumdeong-gol district, Juseong district, and Shinmok-gol district, and Hyeonam district which had recently set their district unit plans. Specific targets to be analyzed were some infrastructure including roads, parking lots, parks and others. Using the analysis
more » ... g the analysis methods of the Logit model and non-parametric test approach, this study estimated to the average amounts to be willingly paid(WTP) by the residents in targeting settlement zones and tested the reliability of the average amounts of WTP. The results of analysis were as follows. First, it was found that the WTPs for infrastructure under 1st influence area in target districts were estimated as 5,233won for road, 2,826won for parking lot, and 3,705won for park respectively. For the WTPs for infrastructure under 1nd area were estimated as 4,910 won for road, 2,242won for parking lot, and 3,620won for park respectively. Second, as the result of calculating the non-parametric WTP which built the 95% confidence interval, it was found that the all WTPs except the WTP for parking lot were fell into the 95% confidence interval. Third, as the result of calculating yearly total sum of benefits that the residents would get from the 1st influence area and the 2nd influence area, it was found that Gumdeong-gol district were expected to get 62,376,472won-amounted benefits, and Juseong district, and Shinmok-gol district, and Hyeonam district would get 35,0778,016won, 26,886,560won, and 22,252,032won respectively.
doi:10.7851/ksrp.2013.19.4.001 fatcat:n3u34av24fc7fotcucayvzv2k4