Multimodel Ensemble Forecasts for Weather and Seasonal Climate

T. N. Krishnamurti, C. M. Kishtawal, Zhan Zhang, Timothy LaRow, David Bachiochi, Eric Williford, Sulochana Gadgil, Sajani Surendran
2000 Journal of Climate  
In this paper the performance of a multimodel ensemble forecast analysis that shows superior forecast skills is illustrated and compared to all individual models used. The model comparisons include global weather, hurricane track and intensity forecasts, and seasonal climate simulations. The performance improvements are completely attributed to the collective information of all models used in the statistical algorithm. The proposed concept is first illustrated for a low-order spectral model
more » ... spectral model from which the multimodels and a "nature run" were constructed. Two hundred time units are divided into a training period (70 time units) and a forecast period (130 time units). The multimodel forecasts and the observed fields (the nature run) during the training period are subjected to a simple linear multiple regression to derive the statistical weights for the member models. The multimodel forecasts, generated for the next 130 forecast units, outperform all the individual models. This procedure was deployed for the multimodel forecasts of global weather, multiseasonal climate simulations, and hurricane track and intensity forecasts. For each type an improvement of the multimodel analysis is demonstrated and compared to the performance of the individual models. Seasonal and multiseasonal simulations demonstrate a major success of this approach for the atmospheric general circulation models where the sea surface temperatures and the sea ice are prescribed. In many instances, a major improvement in skill over the best models is noted.
doi:10.1175/1520-0442(2000)013<4196:meffwa>;2 fatcat:tyv7vbfipjgtzna2mci5i3xwb4