Effects of health promotion with family approaches on blood pressure and headache toward elderly

I Wayan Mustika, Ketut Sudiantara
2019 International Journal of Health Sciences  
Hypertension caused damage to the brain's blood vessel endothelium. Resulting in platelet aggregation which was subsequently released by excessive serotonin and adrenergic hormones caused blood vessels vasoconstriction. The blood vessel constriction caused the intracranial blood supply to decrease. Resulting in ischemia was as an authority for cerebral vasodilation and headaches occurred. The elderly were the last life cycle stage for someone who was a risk with hypertension and headache. The
more » ... and headache. The study aimed at looking at the effect of health promotion with a family approach to lowering blood pressure and headaches for elderly. This research was an experimental study with a randomized pretest and posttest control group design (in the form of a community trial). The research was conducted for four months from June to September 2018 in Selemadeg Subdistrict, Tabanan. The sampling technique was random sampling. The sample number on the treatment group and control group were 590 people. Data analysis used the Mann-Whitney test and Wilcoxon sign rank test was a significance level of p-value <0.05. The results showed on the treatment group before and after the intervention was obtained the p-value = 0.0001 on systolic and diastolic pressure data as well as the headache level. P-value <0.05 showed there were significant differences before and after health promotion with a family approach. The conclusion that there was an effect of health promotion with family approach to blood pressure and headache in the elderly. It was suggested the health workers promote more promotion of the healthy living community movement through health counseling and distributing brochures to the community including a balanced menu and exercise. Therefore, the healthy, productive, and prosperous elderly were realized.
doi:10.29332/ijhs.v3n3.344 fatcat:apmfce3yfrh4rg66bexzh5zysi