Correction to "Extended State Observer-Based Integral Sliding Mode Control for an Underwater Robot with Unknown Disturbances and Uncertain Nonlinearities"

Rongxin Cui, Lepeng Chen, Chenguang Yang, Mou Chen
2018 IEEE transactions on industrial electronics (1982. Print)  
This paper develops an novel integral sliding mode controller (ISMC) for a general type of underwater robots based on multiple-input and multiple-output extended-state-observer (MIMO-ESO). The difficulties associated with the unmeasured velocities, unknown disturbances and uncertain hydrodynamics of the robot have been successfully solved in the control design. An adaptive MIMO-ESO is designed not only to estimate the unmeasurable linear and angular velocities, but also to estimate the unknown
more » ... timate the unknown external disturbances. Then an ISMC is designed using Lyapunov synthesis, and an adaptive gain update algorithm is introduced to estimate the upper bound of the uncertainties. Rigorous theoretical analysis is performed to show that the proposed control method is able to achieve asymptotical tracking performance for the underwater robot. Experimental studies are carried out to validate the effectiveness of the proposed control, and to show that the proposed approach performs better than conventional PD control. Index Terms-Underwater robot, integral sliding mode controller, extended state observer, underwater vehicle Rongxin Cui (M'09) received B.Eng.
doi:10.1109/tie.2018.2868034 fatcat:wieobdj3xbffpeq2ux3ephvdsm