Proteome thermal stability reflects organ physiology and identifies drug-target engagement in vivo [article]

Jessica Perrin, Thilo Werner, Nils Kurzawa, Dorothee D Childs, Mathias Kalxdorf, Anna Rutkowska, Daniel Poeckel, Daniel C Sevin, Eugenia Stonehouse, Katrin Strohmer, Bianca Heller, Douglas Thomson (+10 others)
2018 bioRxiv   pre-print
Studying biological processes at a molecular level and monitoring drug-target interactions is established for simple cell systems but challenging in vivo. We introduce and apply a methodology for proteome-wide thermal stability measurements to characterize organ physiology and activity of many fundamental biological processes across tissues, such as energy metabolism and protein homeostasis. This method, termed tissue thermal proteome profiling (tissue-TPP), also enabled target and off-target
more » ... et and off-target identification and occupancy measurements in tissues derived from animals dosed with the non-covalent histone deacetylase inhibitor, panobinostat. Finally, we devised blood-CETSA, a thermal stability-based method to monitor target engagement in whole blood. Our study generates the first proteome-wide map of protein thermal stability in tissue and provides tools that will be of great impact for translational research.
doi:10.1101/500306 fatcat:vrwxdzczejhyrfaap5fyvdzxua