Routing protocols in wireless mesh networks: challenges and design considerations

Sonia Waharte, Raouf Boutaba, Youssef Iraqi, Brent Ishibashi
2006 Multimedia tools and applications  
Wireless Mesh Networks (WMNs) are an emerging technology that could revolutionize the way wireless network access is provided. The interconnection of access points using wireless links exhibits great potential in addressing the Blast mileĉ onnectivity issue. To realize this vision, it is imperative to provide efficient resource management. Resource management encompasses a number of different issues, including routing. Although a profusion of routing mechanisms has been proposed for other
more » ... ss networks, the unique characteristics of WMNs (e.g., wireless backbone) suggest that WMNs demand a specific solution. To have a clear and precise focus on future research in WMN routing, the characteristics of WMNs that have a strong impact on routing must be identified. Then a set of criteria is defined against which the existing routing protocols from ad hoc, sensor, and WMNs can be evaluated and performance metrics identified. This will serve as the basis for deriving the key design features for routing in wireless mesh networks. Thus, this paper will help to guide and refocus future works in this area. Keywords Wireless mesh networks . Routing Introduction Extending high-speed IP connectivity to the Blast mile^is an open and on-going research problem with no satisfactory solution. A number of potential solutions have been proposed, including full end-to-end optical networks and wireless access networks. However, deploying these networks requires the installation of a large amount of wire/fibre. The initial investment costs for deployment, and the difficulty Multimed Tools Appl (2006) 29: 285-303
doi:10.1007/s11042-006-0012-8 fatcat:7hqjiefopzfj5jsji355tn3qam