MULTIDISCIPLINARY MANAGEMENT OF INTERNAL ROOT RESORPTION WITH PERIODONTAL PERFORATION: A CASE REPORT Periodontal Perforasyona Sahip Bir İnternal Kök Rezorpsiyonunun Multidisipliner Tedavisi: Bir Olgu Bildirimi

2015 Aydın Dental  
The purpose of this case report is to present the endodontic surgical treatment of a right maxillary central incisor with internal resorption that has perforation to periodontal tissues. A seventeen-year-old male patient, with no systemic disease, applied to Inonu University, Faculty of Dentistry endodontic clinic with the complaint of aesthetic dissatisfaction in his maxillary right central incisor tooth. After clinical and radiographic examination, it was determined that root canal treatment
more » ... as started before. In addition, the presence of internal resorption in the root canal and the periapical lesion was detected. A diagnosis of chronic apical periodontitis was made. In the first session, there was excessive bleeding in the root canal. Endodontic surgery was planned. The full-thickness mucoperiosteal flap was elevated. Granulation tissue was removed and bleeding was controlled. The perforation area and the root canal were sealed using a biocompatible material.
doi:10.17932/ fatcat:gcpttcstxra3phq2xuj3c3jeai