Sociolinguistic Research Methodology: a Framework Design

Abdelfettah ARAQ
The question of research methodology has always been of paramount importance within linguistic investigations in general, including sociolinguistic ones. In the present paper, the researcher will sketch a theoretical framework that tackles the issue of methodological strategy and procedures within the sociolinguistic research. The intent is to provide a methodological road map that pinpoints decisive guiding standpoints across different methodology-based phases. Starting from a well-designed
more » ... mework that launches a preoperational phase via putting the right initiating questions and evoking the real problematic in clear terms, a sociolinguistic investigator will be likely to adequately monitor his research issue and delineate its underlying scope.
doi:10.34874/imist.prsm/liri-v1i1.21440 fatcat:otyum2e46nfg3lisjnxnhyfibu