Measurement of Serum Levels of Interleukin 17 and 23 in the Immune System with Different Amounts of Spleens White Pulp Size after Inoculation of New Leishmania Vaccine in Susceptible Mice

Afshineh Latifynia, Mohammad Javad Gharagozlou, Reza Agha Ebrahimi Samani, Soror Charedar, Bagheri Hadi, Hajjaran Homa, Khansari Nematollah
2017 Journal of Clinical & Cellular Immunology  
Objective: Different species of Leishmania parasite can cause leishmaniasis and its prevalence is growing in Iran and same as in other parts of the world is twice every ten years. According to studies conducted an effective vaccine is better way to prevent this disease than anthers. Method: In our study, six groups were vaccinated and the seventh group was control group. The vaccine groups received two injection doses (100 and 200 micrograms/0.1 ml) of cocktail leishmania vaccine respectively
more » ... cine respectively both with two adjuvants ( Teucrium Polium or BCG). Results: Results showed that mice survived along study period in all vaccinated groups. The serum cytokine's results showed that IL-23 was highest in group LT100 μg/0.1 ml and group LBT 200 μg/0.1 ml was lowest, and, highest IL-17 related to control and LBT 100 μg/0.1 ml and lowest to LBT 200 μg/0.1 ml. Spleen results show that highest mean of spleen weight related to LT100 μg/0.1 ml and lowest to LBT 100 and 200 μg/0.1 ml. The highest percentage of median spleen divided by the mean body weight related to same three groups: LB 100, LB200, LT200 μg/0.1 ml and lowest to LBT200 μg/0.1 ml. The largest number of spleen's lymphoid follicles: related to LB 200 μg/0.1 ml and lowest to LT100. Conclusion: Our findings about health, decline of mortality and undesirable immunological changes of this new leishmania vaccine show that no significant changes were observed in its IL-17, IL-23. Besides that, It was safe, harmless, without any complications and clinical pathological macroscopic and microscopic dangerous in animal models, and one of the most important points was survival of mice along study. The experience with the vaccine was repeated for the third time and the results were satisfactory and confirmed our previous experience on this new formulation of leishmania vaccine.
doi:10.4172/2155-9899.1000527 fatcat:kqh4msbusba3nen2berq7vyeei