Climate Policies and Anti-Climate Policies

Hugh Compston, Ian Bailey
2013 Open Journal of Political Science  
Although there is a clear trend towards stronger climate policies across a wide range of countries, another much less recognized but no less significant trend is the continued introduction of policies that increase net greenhouse gas emissions. This article introduces the concept of "anti-climate policy" as a means of focusing attention on these, and investigates their frequency in China, the US and EU, the three largest emitters of greenhouse gases. The investigation reveals that anti-climate
more » ... olicies take many forms and that most types are being extensively used by governments in China, the US and EU. This significantly impedes progress towards bringing emissions under control. We argue that anti-climate policies need to be recognized as an important feature of climate politics and that they need to be addressed if dangerous climate change is to be avoided. We conclude that anti-climate policies can best be tackled by targeting approvals of new fossil fuel power stations, efforts to extend trade liberalization, proposals to introduce new fossil fuel subsidies, and approvals of new airports.
doi:10.4236/ojps.2013.34021 fatcat:ja7zblmxvnhxbc2pi5cbm3jvcy