Broad-band Transient Monitor using the Swift/BAT and the MAXI/GSC data

Takanori Sakamoto, Y. Oda, A. Yoshida
2015 Proceedings of Swift: 10 Years of Discovery — PoS(SWIFT 10)   unpublished
Time-domain astronomy" is one of the frontier field of astronomy for the next decade. Since the most of the transient sources show the temporal variation in a broad energy range, it would be ideal to have the real-time broadband transient monitor. We are constructing the real-time broadband transient monitor combining the Swift/BAT and the MAXI/GSC data which can cover from 2 keV to 200 keV without any gap. Therefore, our transient monitor covers the dynamic range of two order of magnitudes.
more » ... monitor will be available to the public. We show the gallery of the light curves for selected sources based on our transient monitor process and discuss about the future plan of our project. Swift: 10 Years
doi:10.22323/1.233.0160 fatcat:2soxkiob6jcdnhn64kiyo5zhvi