Knowing, Learning and Teaching—How Homo Became Docens

Anders Högberg, Peter Gärdenfors, Lars Larsson
2015 Cambridge Archaeological Journal  
This article discusses the relation between knowing, learning and teaching in relation to early Palaeolithic technologies. We begin by distinguishing between three kinds of knowledge: knowing how, knowing what and knowing that. We discuss the relation between these types of knowledge and different forms of learning and long-term memory systems. On the basis of this analysis, we present three types of teaching: (1) helping and correcting; (2) showing; and (3) explaining. We then use this
more » ... en use this theoretical framework to suggest what kinds of teaching are required for the pre-Oldowan, the Oldowan, the early Acheulean and the late Acheulean stone-knapping technologies. As a general introductory overview to this special section, the text concludes with a brief presentation of the papers included.
doi:10.1017/s0959774315000402 fatcat:cltzuauy7jaehpxsiy3fprji2e