Steam Rotted Hemp

1847 Scientific American  
It lIal been said that the first gold pen tbat Take 12 ounces of rosin, and eight ounces enr was used was in 1838. This, however, \ of roll brimstoDe, each coarsely powdered, i8 not altogether correct, as there is a farmer and three gallons of train oil. Heat them ill Saratoga Co., in this state, a Mr. S Smith, slowly, gradually adding four oun('es 01 bees who llsed ODe pre"ioull to that period, made by wax, cut i n small bits. Frequently stir the himself. The first gold pens manuf�ctured
more » ... manuf�ctured liquor, which as soon as the solid ingredients for sale, were made by Mr. Brown, of this ci-are dissolved, will be fit for use. What re ty. Mr. Bagley, of this city, whose manufac-mains unuseJ. will become har<l. on cooling, tory is in Broadway, is . the largest manufacl and rna ! ?e remelted on subsequent occasi � ns hirer of them in the Umted States, his expen-When It IS fit for use, add as much Spamsh ses of manufacture being about $1000 a·week. brown, or red or yellow ochre, or any (;0101' The gold pen is an Americar, invention, and you w ant, first ground fine in some of the oil, one export of 1000 �ross has been made to as wilt' give the shade you want; then lay it England, where they sell lor a guinea apiece. on as hot and thick as you can with a brush; lp. the manufacture of these peno, the gold some days after the first coa.t is dl'ied, give it is first rolled out in ribbons, · and then cut witb a second. It will preserve plank for ages, a die to the required shape; the points put on an l keep the weather from drivi ng through and, then ground down to the required nib.-bric k work. Common whIte paint may be u The points are irridiurn, a new metal tormed sed on top of it, if r equired, for the sake of with platinum. The points are al! imported. ap peara nce.-Two coats should always be gi The pens and cases sell trom $10 to $30 pei' ven, and in compound machinery the sepa dozen. The manufacture of the .ilver cases r ate parts sho'tld be varnished before they are is a distinct business. It is not easy to make put together, after which it will be prudent an estimate of the number of pens manulac-to give a third coatmg to the joints or to any tured per annum, but it is not probably less other part which is peculiarly exposed to than 1,000,000. A person who had not though I moioture, such as water· shoots, flood. gates, of the subject, would scarcely suppose that the beds of carts, the tops of posts, and all eight hundred puunds weigh I of gold were the timi:Jer Vlhich is near or within the ground. lIsed up every year in the manufacture of such Each coat should be dry before the parts are Ito trifling article as pens, a business unknown joined, or the last coat applied. The compo teo years ago-yet such· is the fact. The de-sition .hould be applied when the wool! is per mand fur the article is enormous. The secret lectly dry.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican11201847-67a fatcat:4x5nyephx5amjdhfysd6rxhj5q