FBMC/OQAM security strategy based on diversity DNA encryption

Rong Tang, Bo Liu, Jianxin Ren, Yaya Mao, Jianye Zhao, Shun Han, Yang Han, Shuaidong Chen
2021 IEEE Photonics Journal  
In this paper, a diversity deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) chaotic encryption strategy is proposed to enhance the physical layer security of the filter bank multi-carrier/offset quadrature amplitude (FBMC/OQAM) system. After the input original binary bit stream is encrypted, it is subjected to FBMC/OQAM modulation. The encryption process of bit data is dynamically controlled by the chaotic sequences generated by the hybrid chaotic system composed of improved-Logistic and delayed tent sine system,
more » ... ich enhances the robustness against malicious attacks by illegal attackers. The diversity DNA encryption strategy expands the key space of the system to 10 180 , which can ensure the physical layer security of the system. The proposed FBMC/OQAM security strategy based on chaotic encryption is transmitted on 25 km standard single mode fiber. Experimental results show that the diversity DNA encryption strategy can effectively ensure the security of transmitted data.
doi:10.1109/jphot.2021.3054529 fatcat:2cjlql6q3zh7batg2mkxtxzpbi