Partition Consistency: A Case Study in Modeling Systems with Weak Memory Consistency and Proving Correctness of their Implementations [article]

Steven Cheng, Lisa Higham, Jalal Kawash
2013 arXiv   pre-print
Multiprocess systems, including grid systems, multiprocessors and multicore computers, incorporate a variety of specialized hardware and software mechanisms, which speed computation, but result in complex memory behavior. As a consequence, the possible outcomes of a concurrent program can be unexpected. A memory consistency model is a description of the behaviour of such a system. Abstract memory consistency models aim to capture the concrete implementations and architectures. Therefore, formal
more » ... specification of the implementation or architecture is necessary, and proofs of correspondence between the abstract and the concrete models are required. This paper provides a case study of this process. We specify a new model, partition consistency, that generalizes many existing consistency models. A concrete message-passing network model is also specified. Implementations of partition consistency on this network model are then presented and proved correct. A middle level of abstraction is utilized to facilitate the proofs. All three levels of abstraction are specified using the same framework. The paper aims to illustrate a general methodology and techniques for specifying memory consistency models and proving the correctness of their implementations.
arXiv:1306.0077v1 fatcat:b3fr4schpfc3vcxakpcjb65fqa