The impact of a bacterial inoculant on chemical composition, aerobic stability and degradability of corn silage and the subsequent performance of dairy cows in sacco

H Vakily, A Khadem, Rezaeian, M Afzalzadeh, A Andchaudhry, A Khadem
2011 International Journal of Veterinary Research   unpublished
The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of bacterial inoculation on the fermentation and aerobic stability of corn silage and on the dry matter degradability and milk composition when fed to sheep or cows. Four male sheep were selected to measure dry matter degradability of uninoculated (UCS) and inoculated (ICS) corn silage. Milk composition was measured for 22 Holstein cows, separated into two treatment groups and fed with either UCS or ICS diets. Similar lactic acid
more » ... acid concentrations but higher propionic and lower acetic acid concentrations were recorded for ICS diets compared to UCS diets (p < 0.05). Aerobic stability was 12 h and 32 h for UCS and ICS, respectively. Values of dry matter loss were higher for ICS than for UCS (p < 0.05). Lactose and solid non-fat content was higher in the milk of cows fed with ICS than UCS (p < 0.05). We conclude that the Lalsil bacterial inoculant containing and can be used as an additive due to its positive effect on fermentation, aerobic stability and dry matter degradability of corn silage. The slight positive effect of inoculcation on the nutritional value of silage appears to be limited to milk production improvement in dairy cows. in sacco propioni bacterium acidipropionici Lactobacillus plantarum