The suitability evaluation of lignocellulosic substrate as growing media substitute

Young Jung Ji, Yang Jae-Kyung
2014 African Journal of Biotechnology  
The use of peat moss (PM) as a growing media is decreasing due to high costs and environmental considerations. Therefore, diverse waste products are being used as organic amendments in certain soils before afforestation. The main objective of this work was to identify and evaluate possible substrate alternatives or amendments to peat moss. This study involves the physical and chemical characterization and growth test of lignocellulosic substrate (waste paper (WP), oakwood sawdust, hinoki wood
more » ... wdust and rice hull) in order to evaluate their use as components of growing media. Lignocellulosic substrates showed adequate physical and chemical properties compared to peat moss for their use as growing media. The mixtures growing media were prepared using different proportions as substrate to grow Chinese cabbage (Brassica rapa var. glabra) in a greenhouse. Different lignocellulosic substrates were compared with a commercially available substrate. The highest values for seed germination were obtained for 30% peat moss + 10% perlite + 60% waste paper substrate. The stem height and leaf area of the WP (containing 30% peat moss, 10% perlite and 60% waste paper) was higher than that of PM. Utilization of waste paper can be considered as an alternative media component to substitute the widely using expensive peat moss.
doi:10.5897/ajb2012.2963 fatcat:dcba46kfpzchjnv7anaqe2bt44