Energy-Storage-Based Low-Frequency Oscillation Damping Control Using Particle Swarm Optimization and Heuristic Dynamic Programming

Xianchao Sui, Yufei Tang, Haibo He, Jinyu Wen
2014 IEEE Transactions on Power Systems  
Low-frequency oscillation is one of the main barriers limiting power transmission between two connected power systems. Although power system stabilizers (PSSs) have been proved to be effective in damping inner-area oscillation, inter-area oscillation still remains a critical challenge in today's power systems. Since the low-frequency oscillation between two connected power systems is active power oscillation, power modulation through energy storage devices (ESDs) can be an efficient and
more » ... e way to maintain such power system stability. In this paper, we investigate the integration of a new goal representation heuristic dynamic programming (GrHDP) algorithm to adaptively control ESD to damp inter-area oscillation. A particle swarm optimization (PSO)-based power oscillation damper (POD) has also been proposed for comparison. Various simulation studies with residue-based POD controller design, the proposed PSO optimized controller design, and the GrHDP-based controller design over a four-machine-two-area benchmark power system with energy storage device have been conducted. Simulation results have demonstrated the efficiency and effectiveness of the GrHDP-based approach for inter-area oscillation damping in a wide range of system operating conditions. Index Terms-Energy storage device (ESD), goal representation heuristic dynamic programming (GrHDP), particle swarm optimization (PSO), power oscillation damper (POD), power system stability.
doi:10.1109/tpwrs.2014.2305977 fatcat:mgteodmdpndmjeahvuco3pij4m