A framework for evaluating specification methods for reactive systems-experience report

M.A. Ardis, J.A. Chaves, L.J. Jagadeesan, P. Mataga, C. Puchol, M.G. Staskauskas, J. Von Olnhausen
1996 IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering  
Numerous formal specification methods for reactive systems have been proposed in the literature. Because the significant differences between the methods are hard to determine, choosing the best method for a particular application can be difficult. We have applied several different methods, including Modechart, VFSM, ESTEREL, Basic LOTOS, Z, SDL and C, to an application problem encountered in the design of software for AT&T's 5ESS R telephone switching system. We have developed a set of criteria
more » ... for evaluating and comparing the different specification methods. We argue that the evaluation of a method must take into account not only academic concerns, but also the maturity of the method, its compatibility with the The author was supported by a Fulbright fellowship at the University of Texas at Austin. The work described here was performed while visiting AT&T Bell Laboratories.
doi:10.1109/32.508312 fatcat:ddzfqvhyi5dydaw5wcncxlhwta