Proses Dan Teknik Supervisi Pendidikan [post]

Diva Zelina Fitri
2020 unpublished
The supervision process is a series of activities that are carried out when conducting supervision. in general the process of supervision is carried out through four stages: Planning (Planning activities refer to the identification of problems), Implementation (Implementation activities are real activities carried out to improve or enhance the ability of Educators), evaluation (Evaluation activities are activities to examine the success of the process and results of the implementation of
more » ... sion) and follow-up (Is the process of gathering information needed to further be used for efforts to improve further teaching. The materials obtained are then used to compile the follow-up activities which are at the same time input for the preparation of further development programs) as for the Techniques Educational Supervision namely: Individual Technique (Individual Technique) and group techniques. Individual technique consists of: classroom visitation, classroom observation, individual interview, individual interview (group interview), while group technique consists of: School Orientation Meeting for New Teachers ( Orientation Meeting for New Teachers, Teacher Meetings, Workshops, Panel Discussions, Symposiums, Upgrading (in-service training) and Seminars
doi:10.31219/ fatcat:345lpwwnqvhyvowjpmwsrfrica