De Fabricatie van Suiker uit Suikerriet op Iava

1911 Science  
extensive three-dimensional world. The former problem was in principle solved by Wbeatstone, and its perfection in securing an orthostereoscopic effect-apart from convenience and refinement-follows upon the analyses and elimination of the incidental and unintentional deviations between the optical system of the photographic reproduction, and that of the original visual experience. Invention has been fertile, especially in devices for presenting to the eyes the two divergent views, leading to
more » ... iews, leading to such diverse pieces of viewing apparatus as the reflecting stereoscope of Wheatstone, the refracting one of Brewster, the lenticular of Helmholtz, the complementary chromatic effect of Rollman-d'Almeida, the Ives parallax stereogram, the unilateral reflecting stereoscope of Pigeon, and in another direction, to the invention of the Verant lenses; in yet another, to the devices for stereoscopic projection, and again to the study of pseudostereoscopy. The enlarge-
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