Dynamical analysis for a scalar–tensor model with kinetic and nonminimal couplings

L. N. Granda, D. F. Jimenez
2018 International Journal of Modern Physics D  
We study the autonomous system for a scalar-tensor model of dark energy with non-minimal coupling to curvature and non-minimal kinetic coupling to the Einstein tensor. The critical points describe important stable asymptotic scenarios including quintessence, phantom and de Sitter attractor solutions. Two functional forms for the coupling functions and the scalar potential were considered: power-law and exponential functions of the scalar field. For power-law couplings, the restrictions on
more » ... quintessence and phantom solutions lead to asymptotic freedom regime for the gravitational interaction. The model with dimensionless kinetic coupling constant gives stable de Sitter solutions. For the exponential functions the stable quintessence, phantom or de Sitter solutions, allow asymptotic behaviors where the effective Newtonian coupling can reach either the asymptotic freedom regime or constant value. The phantom solutions could be realized without appealing to ghost degrees of freedom. Transient inflationary and radiation dominated phases can also be described.
doi:10.1142/s021827181850030x fatcat:xwa2mdoeonbopl3nuvsudt533y