A proposal for a flexible Europe

Bruno S. Frey, Reiner Eichenberger
Entry into the European Union is regulated by three sets of formal requirements 1 : -According to the "Copenhagen criteria" new members must have a stable democracy, follow the rule of law, observe appropriate standards of human rights, and must protect minorities; -They must have a functioning market economy; and most importantly -The acceding states must agree to the obligations of EU membership which includes adherence to the aims of political and economic union. This means that they have to
more » ... fully accept the "acquis communautaire". This legal corpus of the EU has by now grown to a large size, involving no less than 16,000 pages of text.
doi:10.3929/ethz-a-004373620 fatcat:rjk36wzrz5caxgmqyxsznzx7fi