An Adaptive Chord for Minimizing Network Traffic in a Mobile P2P Environment
모바일 P2P 환경에서 네트워크 트래픽을 최소화한 적응적인 Chord

Younghyo Yoon, Hukeun Kwak, Cheongghil Kim, Kyusik Chung
2009 The KIPS Transactions PartC  
A DHT(Distributed Hash Table) based P2P is a method to overcome disadvantages of the existing unstructured P2P method. If a DHT algorithm is used, it can do a fast data search and maintain search efficiency independent of the number of peer. The peers in the DHT method send messages periodically to keep the routing table updated. In a mobile environment, the peers in the DHT method should send messages more frequently to keep the routing table updated and reduce the failure of a request.
more » ... re, this results in increase of network traffic. In our previous research, we proposed a method to reduce the update load of the routing table in the existing Chord by updating it in a reactive way, but the reactive method had a disadvantage to generate more traffic than the existing Chord if the number of requests per second becomes large. In this paper, we propose an adaptive method of routing table update to reduce the network traffic. In the proposed method, we apply different routing table update method according to the number of request message per second. If the number of request message per second is smaller than some threshold, we apply the reactive method. Otherwsie, we apply the existing Chord method. We perform experiments using Chord simulator (I3) made by UC Berkeley. The experimental results show the performance improvement of the proposed method compared to the existing methods.
doi:10.3745/kipstc.2009.16c.6.761 fatcat:2cesdiudmvflleztuppktbssby