Relationship between evoked otoacoustic emissions and middle ear dynamic characteristics. Middle ear mobility effect upon evoked otoacoustic emissions
誘発耳音響放射と中耳動特性の相関 誘発耳音響放射に及ぼす中耳可動性の影響

Hiroshi Wada, Toshimitsu Kobayashi, Kenji Ohyama, Tomonori Takasaka
1990 Ear Research Japan  
The effect of middle ear upon evoked otoacoustic emissions (e-OAE) seems to be very large. In the previous paper (Audiology Japan 33, 1990), applying e-OAE measuring system and our developed Middle Ear Analyser, the input sound frequency where e-OAE was the most distinctly detected was clarified to nearly coincide with
doi:10.11289/otoljpn1981.21.305 fatcat:nuem5tcukfgaxcyhws65vtmxpy