Reaction of Sn44− in liquid ammonia: the formation of Rb6[(η2-Sn4)Zn(η3-Sn4)]·5NH3

Franziska Fendt, Carina Koch, Stefanie Gärtner, Nikolaus Korber
2013 Dalton Transactions  
The reaction of Rb 4 Sn 4 with ZnPh 2 in liquid ammonia in the presence of [2.2.2]-cryptand yielded crystals of Rb 6 [(η 2 -Sn 4 )Zn-(η 3 -Sn 4 )]·5NH 3 , which could be characterized by single crystal X-ray diffraction. This is the first example of a successful solution reaction of the highly charged tetrahedral Sn 4 4− anions. The homoleptic [E 4 ZnE 4 ] 6− complex (E = tetrel element) was previously known only for EvGe and Si/Ge. This journal is
doi:10.1039/c3dt51932e pmid:24067942 fatcat:6jrelikxnzed7aldti64vkqmja