Squash Plants between Classic and Modern Genetics

Mohamed Abd Elhameid Abdein
2016 MOJ Proteomics & Bioinformatics  
Opinion Opinion Why I use squash? Squash fruits are used for local consumption and for export. Squash fruits contain some nutritional compounds for human feeding such as moderate quantity of mineral salts, it is eaten cocked as an immature fruit which is rich with fibers and vitamins or consumed for the mature seed which is a good source of fats and protein. Summer squash has twenty pairs of chromosomes and has a wide range of variability in shape and color. It is an interesting plant for
more » ... cally studies. Many of the genetic variations that have arisen were perpetuated for their horticultural values and rich reservoir of genetic diversity. Produce new hybrids of squash My currently work about the breeding of the family Cucurbitaceae it is one of the most important botanical families for human including favorable and common vegetable crops. Cucurbits including squash have been cultivated over centuries. Summer squash are the edible immature fruits of Cucurbita pepo L., a highly diverse species of the gourd family, Cucurbitaceae. Summer squash are an easy-to-grow, short-season crop best adapted to temperate and subtropical regions. Squash is considered to be one of the most popular vegetable crops grown in Egypt. It is known as a vegetable marrow and is called also "Kosa" by the Egyptian people. In Egypt, Squash is usually grown all over the year specially in summer season and small area in the Nili season. In the same time, there are few number of the superior F 1 hybrids grown in green houses and others for the open fields.
doi:10.15406/mojpb.2016.03.00074 fatcat:tqyqve3tyjhgtfbvjhy6op64dq