Database on the Long-Term Behaviour of FRC: A Useful Tool to Achieve Overall Conclusions

P. Serna, A. Llano-Torre, E. García-Taengua, J. R. Martí-Vargas
2015 CONCREEP 10   unpublished
The long term behaviour of Fibre Reinforced Concrete on cracked state is an important research topic, since it is essential to understand this property when using FRC as structural material. The RILEM CCF Technical Committee was created in order to focus the efforts of all researchers on the better understanding of creep behaviour. One of the objectives of the TC was to compile a global database of results of creep test in order to analyse this phenomenon in an overall review. In order to
more » ... . In order to achieve a complete enough database, several minimal variables and parameters data have been proposed on this first attempt. This first database of creep results is based on flexural creep test with different environmental conditions. In future, it can be extended to other testing methodologies. Thanks to this database, first conclusions start reveal those variables which have a higher significance level in creep deferred behaviour.
doi:10.1061/9780784479346.180 fatcat:5yngvhx5kbglniylhpikddgmta