The New Role of Intellectual Property in the 21 st Century, a Comparative Analysis of the Development of Intellectual Property Market in Russia and the World

G Belyakova, L Perepechko, M Yagolnitzer, A Rakhmanova
2018 Human Journals Research Article February   unpublished
Intellectual property (IP) in the 21 st century is an indicator of the development of science, high-tech industry, and the quality of education and economy in general. This paper based on statistical data investigates the relationship of indicators of science financing, the growth of IP, industrial production and exports of high-tech products in Russia and the world. A comparative analysis of the development of intellectual property market in Russia and the world has been carried out and shown
more » ... hat the business situation and the IP market development in Russia differ from those in the world. The results of the correlation analysis prove that, in contrast with global trends, the growth of science financing in Russia does not lead to an increase in the number of patent applications. The paper is first to consider individual indicators related to the types of IP, patent applications, trademarks (TM) and industrial designs (ID). The results of the statistical analysis show that the increase in world exports of high-tech products of the countries is related to the growth of research expenditures and indicators of IP, protected in national patent offices (NIPs) and abroad. A small number of countries export almost 100% of the world's high-tech products. This situation does not change with time, i.e., high technology does not "diffuse" in the world. The business situation and IP market development in Russia have similarities and differences from the global trends: in Russia the growth of science, funding does not lead to an increase in the number of patent applications; and in Russia there is no connection between the growth of science funding, the growth of patent applications, and an increase in high-tech production.