Hyperelliptic Functions and Motion in General Relativity

Saskia Grunau, Jutta Kunz
2022 Mathematics  
Analysis of black hole spacetimes requires study of the motion of particles and light in these spacetimes. Here exact solutions of the geodesic equations are the means of choice. Numerous interesting black hole spacetimes have been analyzed in terms of elliptic functions. However, the presence of a cosmological constant, higher dimensions or alternative gravity theories often necessitate an analysis in terms of hyperelliptic functions. Here we review the method and current status for solving
more » ... geodesic equations for the general hyperelliptic case, illustrating it with a set of examples of genus g=2: higher dimensional Schwarzschild black holes, rotating dyonic U(1)2 black holes, and black rings.
doi:10.3390/math10121958 fatcat:vcvnyputb5d2tbviez7yt6xbf4