Aleph Field Solver Challenge Problem Results Summary [report]

Russell Hooper, Stan Gerald Moore
2015 unpublished
Aleph models continuum electrostatic and steady and transient thermal fields using a finite-element method. Much work has gone into expanding the core solver capability to support enriched modeling consisting of multiple interacting fields, special boundary conditions and two-way interfacial coupling with particles modeled using Aleph's complementary particle-in-cell capability. This report provides quantitative evidence for correct implementation of Aleph's field solver via orderof-convergence
more » ... orderof-convergence assessments on a collection of problems of increasing complexity. It is intended to provide Aleph with a pedigree and to establish a basis for confidence in results for more challenging problems important to Sandia's mission that Aleph was specifically designed to address.
doi:10.2172/1168984 fatcat:rhk7qood2na6pnmqmnu7hfgin4