Multi-Feature Single Target Robust Tracking Fused with Particle Filter

Caihong Liu, Mayire Ibrayim, Askar Hamdulla
2022 Sensors  
Aiming at the problems of target model drift or loss of target tracking caused by serious deformation, occlusion, fast motion, and out of view of the target in long-term moving target tracking in complex scenes, this paper presents a robust multi-feature single-target tracking algorithm based on a particle filter. The algorithm is based on the correlation filtering framework. First, to extract more accurate target appearance features, in addition to the manual features histogram of oriented
more » ... ient features and color histogram features, the depth features from the conv3–4, conv4–4 and conv5–4 convolutional layer outputs in VGGNet-19 are also fused. Secondly, this paper designs a re-detection module of a fusion particle filter for the problem of how to return to accurate tracking after the target tracking fails, so that the algorithm in this paper can maintain high robustness during long-term tracking. Finally, in the adaptive model update stage, the adaptive learning rate update and adaptive filter update are performed to improve the accuracy of target tracking. Extensive experiments are conducted on dataset OTB-2015, dataset OTB-2013, and dataset UAV123. The experimental results show that the proposed multi-feature single-target robust tracking algorithm with fused particle filtering can effectively solve the long-time target tracking problem in complex scenes, while showing more stable and accurate tracking performance.
doi:10.3390/s22051879 pmid:35271025 pmcid:PMC8914627 fatcat:5z4jwmbepvaexphptlwll73dhu