Pollution data tracking in the Western Balkan countries: A state-of-the-art review

Gordana Stefanovic, Miroslav Trajanovic, Neven Duic, Martina Ferk
2008 Thermal Science  
As part of the FP6 Pro gram, a pro ject named WEB-ENV "De vel op ment of en vi ronmen tal guide lines for the re gion of West ern Bal kans" dealt with the state of the envi ron ment in the re gion of the West Bal kan coun tries: Al ba nia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Croatia, FYR Mac e do nia, Montenegro, and Ser bia. The pa ram e ters which were ob served were air and wa ter qual ity, solid waste pol lu tion, soil deg rada tion, and state of biodiversity. The re sults are pre sented as an ex
more » ... nted as an ex tended map ping ex er cise iden ti fy ing ma jor en vi ron men tal prob lems in each coun try. This pa per out lines the com par a tive anal y sis of the pa ram e ters ob served in the pro ject and their re spec tive re sources. This pa per also pres ents the im pact of some pol lut ers on the en vi ron men tal con di tion of the coun tries sur round ing West ern Bal kans. The anal y sis of data proves that cer tain ar eas have in suf fi cient pa ram e ters es pe cially in the field of ground wa ter qual ity and soil deg ra da tion. An other prob lem in the compar a tive anal y sis was dis crep ancy of year of data col lec tion. In or der to get a better un der stand ing of the en vi ron men tal is sue in the re gion it has been de ter mined that it is nec es sary to pro vide com pre hen sive data mon i tor ing via re gional pro jects on the ter ri tory of the West ern Bal kans.
doi:10.2298/tsci0804105s fatcat:v6avmau3ozcudlmfen6fhq66ke