The early course of D-dimer concentration following pulmonary artery embolisation [letter]

J J Mager, R E Schutgens, F J Haas, C J Westermann, D H Biesma
2001 Thrombosis and Haemostasis  
BACKGROUND There is little information about the course of D-dimer concentration in patients during the first hours of a thrombotic event. We measured D-dimer concentrations following pulmonary artery embolisation in patients with pulmonary arteriovenous malformations. METHODS We studied D-dimer concentration before and during an 8-hour time period after embolisation in 13 patients; the control group were 14 patients with a diagnostic heart catheterisation without embolisation. We investigated
more » ... n. We investigated the extent of D-dimer concentration in relation to the total volume of the parts of the embolised arteries, the improvement in pO2 and the reduction in shunt fraction. RESULTS The patients had significantly increased D-dimer levels at t=2, 4 and 8 hours after the procedure as compared to baseline (p=0.001) and to the controls (p=0.047). We found a correlation between D-dimer concentration and the calculated volume of the embolised arteries (R 2 =0.74). CONCLUSIONS There is no relevant lag time between the increase in D-dimer concentration and pulmonary embolisation. The relation between D-dimer concentration and thrombus size deserves confirmational studies. 26
pmid:11776330 fatcat:y4whvk6farehthe65rojfo4zwy