Vibrations of Worldly Matter. ASMR as Contemporary Musique Concrète

Joanna Łapińska
The autonomous sensory meridian response (ASMR) is a sensory phenomenon, sometimes referred to as a "brain orgasm," which involves pleasant tingling sensations in a body in reaction to certain stimuli. This article analyzes ASMR within the framework of ideas put forward by the musique concrète that offered new sensibilities of musical expression and promoted attentive listening to matter. At the same time, we treat sonic practices of ASMR as inspired by the concepts developed by New
more » ... especially the notions of physicality and materiality of sound recognized within the ontology of its vibrational force.
doi:10.19205/57.20.1 fatcat:hn74kokg5jbmtkdea7cyoixlye