1909 The Lancet  
1473 severe ansemia, bmmophilia, and other dyscrasic conditions attended with heamorrhage. Oòstet'l'wal Society of France. A meeting of the Obstetrical Society of France was held in Paris last month. The principal subjects of discussion were as follows: Difference in the Temperature of the Lower Limbs (by M. Delestre); Results of Cultivations from the Blood in a series of dangerous puerperal infections (by M. Guóniot, with remarks by M. Cathala); Cyst of the Ovary in a parturient woman (by M.
more » ... page, with remarks by M. Pinard) ; a case of Myomectomy during pregnancy (by M. Corvelaire) ; Treatment of Aseptic Wounds by the lactic acid bacillus (by M. Jeannin) ; Retention of the Placenta and criminal abortion I (by M. Boissard) ; Hysterectomy for Peritonitis following criminal manipulations in a non-pregnant woman (by M. Brindeau and M. Chiri6) ; Asphyxia by Coal Gas of a woman at term, with recovery of the mother but death of the fmtus (by M. Tissier); and Spontaneous Expulsion of a small uterine fibroma immediately after delivery (by M. Lacasse). Malignant tumours of the placenta formed the subject of a report presented by M. Brindeau and M. Nattan-Larrier, and there was a discussion in which M. Keifer, M. Brouha, M.
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