Effects of temperature on high concentration erbium-doped fiber intrinsic parameters

Francisco J. Madruga, M. Ángeles Quintela, Carlos Galíndez, Mauro Lomer, José M. López-Higuera
2007 Third European Workshop on Optical Fibre Sensors  
The effects of temperature on High concentration Erbium-doped fibers are characterized using parameters of transcendental equation model. The intrinsic parameters (intrinsic saturation power, excited-state lifetime and linear absorption coefficient) of six Erbium doped and Erbium codoped with Lanthanum fibers have been measured for different temperatures. The temperature dependence of intrinsic parameter has been compared respect to Erbium concentration and Lanthanum-Erbium concentration ratio.
doi:10.1117/12.738365 fatcat:7v23ymujxjbz3bbq2useixlzum