Effect of indigenous beneficial rhizobacterial isolates on growth of Litchi seedlings

Nandini Kumari, Pushpanjali Khare
A pot experiment was conducted to observe the effect of indigenous strains of rhizobacteria isolated from litchi orchards of East Champaran, Bihar (India) on the growth and survivability of litchi seedlings. Three efficient native rhizobacterial isolates belonging to genera Pseudomonas, Azotobacter and Ochrobactrum were used in seven different combinations and their effect on germination rate, shoot height, root length, number of leaves were observed and recorded in litchi seedlings. Pot 7
more » ... edlings. Pot 7 containing mixed combination of all the three isolates in equal proportion showed maximum root length (11.7 cm) and shoot length (12.5 cm), early germination as compared to control Pot P8 devoid of any isolates. Pot 4 (Pseudomonas + Azotobacter) and pot 5 (Pseudomonas + Ochrobactrum) also gave satisfactory result in all the parameters recorded. The results clearly state that, mixture of all the three rhizobacterial isolates as "Biomix" produced stimulatory growth results on litchi seedlings as compared to sole application and control. This "Biomix" could be used for formulating effective biofertilizers for litchi orchards in future.
doi:10.33451/florafauna.v26i2pp213-217 fatcat:4fvzwrp3qfcbdepewqrauytppm