Judy Prijadi, Rosiana Adinegoro
2012 unpublished
Every company in every sector in this world is struggling to keep their existance and leading in the market including keeping the market notice them, satisfied toward the usage their product. This study would like to convey the influence of product quality towards customer satisfaction in PT. Matahari Sakti Tulungagung. By involving 54 customers, the collection data is accomplished using questionnaire. The data processing is established by using simple linier regression models. The result is
more » ... s. The result is that, if there is no influence from product quality, the customer's satisfaction value is too low i.e. 20.118 (or 2.0118). then, the influence rate of product quality towards customer satisfaction is about 0.553. This influence is significant due to the significant value of t value is less than 5%, i,e, 0.000 by t value is 5.884. The result of this study also reveals that the ability of quality product to predict customer satisfaction is only 40%, while, the 60% of customer satisfaction is predicted other factors that are not used in this model. The result of correlation analysis partially shows that the elements of product quality which have positive and signficant correlation are the aroma or smell of feed, the availability of product needed by customers, product condition when accepted by customers, the color of pellet, the semeness in pellet size, and the accuracy in n quantity of pellet, while the other elements of product quality such as product impact on fish growth, FCR (Feed convention rate), the pollution level towards environmnt (pond), and the packaging do not correlation is the aroma or smell of feed that is 0.632 and significant on 0,000