Design and Motion Planning of a Biped Climbing Robot with Redundant Manipulator

Qing Chang, Xiao Luo, Zhixia Qiao, Qian Li
2019 Applied Sciences  
A novel robot capable of performing maintenance and inspection tasks for railway bridges is proposed in this paper. Termed CMBOT (climbing manipulator robot), the robot is a combination of a five-degrees-of-freedom (5-Dof) biped climbing robot with two electromagnetic feet and a redundant manipulator with 7-Dof. This capability offers important advantages for performing maintenance and inspection tasks for railway bridges. Several fundamental issues of the CMBOT, such as robotic system
more » ... tic system development and motion planning algorithms, are addressed in this paper. A series of simulations and prototype experiments were conducted to validate the proposed robotic systems and motion planning algorithm. The results of the experiments show the reliability of the robotic systems and the efficiency of the motion planning algorithm.
doi:10.3390/app9153009 fatcat:qosc26t7ajgibghmvptyfnrysa